Political Forum

Political Forum

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ATA Political Forum Committee goals

  • To encourage, inspire, and persuade the Indian Americans in USA to participate in the local elections, community services and make our presence felt in a positive way. Even though there are around 3 million Indian NRI community still the participation is quite less and therefore if something happens for our community we need the political support.

  • To inspire and encourage meaningful political reforms in Indian politics and create a discussion environment in ATA political forum between the political dignitaries and Journalists invited and NRIs participating to get action based goals to take it back to both states Telangana and Andhra to initiate government action on it.

  • To create a contact group and team through ATA political forum for both the states for any of the government help for NRIs.

  • To invite Indian American local political figures to participate and create a contact group through ATA political forum and also work with them on any help to Indian community.

  • To Invite the Indian Embassy officials in Chicago to attend and engage with them on an ongoing basis to help and ease out the NRI community needs.

  • To create a brainstorming sessions on if any other topics or needs political forum can take up to the betterment of NRIs.

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