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Krishna K Reddy
Krishna K Reddy

Charity, Magnanimity and enabling self-help are the paramount traits of a superior soul. From an amateur being affected by multifarious idiosyncrasies, the human has evolved, over thousands of years, into a righteous creature in spite of the numerous roadblocks obstructing the progress. Organizations like American Telugu Association have played their crucial parts in this kind of evolution over the last few decades. Ever since it took its birth from the viviparous parturition of thoughts arising out of a few positively progressive minds in 1991, American Telugu Association has come a long way over the quarter-century of years. All along the way it acted as a catalyst for promoting humanity among the Telugu community inspiring many people to join the movement, including yours truly, and proffer whatever they can, back to the society that nourished them.

Here we are, celebrating its 25th anniversary in Chicago. I am totally out of words to express how innervated I feel, to be a part of this Silver Jubilee convention. I am simply overwhelmed with the kind of affection shown by the fellow members and volunteers, their adulation for service and their dedication towards a multitude of great causes.

Here we are, accumulating our energies to promote Telugu culture so that the elders sustain it, the youth imbibe it and the toddlers learn something about it. The impediments that obstruct our path will be simply blown away by the unity and the feeling of togetherness and among the Telugu people. No filibustering, No demagoguery, we just spread love and affection!

Here we are, celebrating American Telugu Association’s success, thanking the founders, donors, promoters, volunteers and the well-wishers alike. We are greatly indebted to them for their contributions in all forms. It is always the hard-work of the people that involves a lot of drudgery which determines the success and growth of any organization. We appreciate the help rendered from every corner of the society and every friend of American Telugu Association on this occasion.

And here we are, celebrating Three days of ATA - Three days of fun - Three days of culture - Three days of education - Three days of thanksgiving and Three days of community gathering and service. I whole heartedly welcome you all to this convention in great windy city called CHICAGO. GO ATA – GO CHICAGO

Best Wishes Krishna K Reddy Director, ATA Silver Jubilee Conference (14th ATA Convention & Youth Conference)

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