Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am in India, can I register online ?

    Answer:- No

    While ATA welcomes everybody’s participation in ATA2016 through online and other forms of registration, online registration is restricted to only to US residents. Overseas registrants should inquire about their participation and use manual registration to participate after obtaining required clearance from ATA.

  • I am a Vendor/Exhibitor, how can I participate in ATA Conference ?


    Please email to

  • Where can I collect my tickets ?


    The Registration counters at the conference center.
    Other details - Coming soon.

  • Can I share my ticket ?


    NO, a Vinyl hand tag goes around the wrist and is not reusable but is designed to be used for multiple days. Trying to remove will break and make it unusable, Security has strict instructions not to allow anyone into the conference area without a hand tag.

  • What happens if you lose or don’t have a tag ?


    Security will redirect you to the registration counters to get a new tag/replacement tag ($$ replacement charge after ID verification); every family member needs to be identified by name before a tag is issued (for tracking purposes).
    Kids under 6 are not required to wear tags, but need to be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  • What are the timings of events and activities ?


    Please see "Plan your trip" link at the ATA 2016 convention home page for a detailed schedule of programs and events.

  • Do we get tickets in mail ?


    No, A customized package will be ready for pre-paid registrants at the registration desk. The Registration counters will be open from
    Friday July 1st: 1PM - 9PM, Sat July 2th: 7AM - 9PM, and Sun July 3th: 8AM - 6PM.

  • Are there any discounts available ?


    The prices are already discounted (thanks to many donors) However, students/senior citizens/foreign visitors have a lower discounted price (please check the pricing chart).

  • What is included in the registration price ?


    Access to 2 day event for all shows including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • What is not included in the 2 day event registration ?


    Banquet is a separate ticket ($100 per person irrespective of age).

  • Is food included in registration fees ?


    Yes,2 meals and breakfast on each day are included in the ticket price for Friday and Saturday.

  • Who is a senior citizen ?


    Folks who are 65 or older qualify under Sr Citizen Discount (need to show ID before collecting tickets)

  • Who is a student ?


    Anyone currently undergoing graduation or higher studies qualifies for student discount (need to show student id)

  • Who is a Foreign Visitor ?


    Anyone who is not a current resident of US and are visitors, need to show government issued photo id

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